Privacy Policy

Pure Art Online Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy has been developed so that our customers understand how Pure Art Online uses their personal information and what type of personal information we retain. The privacy of our customers is of the utmost importance to us and our customers have the right to know exactly how their personal information is both collected and used. Pure Art Online only uses the information that we collect to improve the experience of our customers when shopping on our site.

Pure Art Online Has Ongoing Commitment to Security and Privacy for Our Customers

Your privacy is very important to Pure Art Online and any information that we collect from our subscribers or customers will never be shared, leased, soled, or jeopardized in any way. If you disclose any personal information on the Pure Art Online site, you can be assured that it is secure and safe. Pure Art Online has taken essential safety precautions and safeguards that protect the accuracy of any data that is entered on our site and that also protect your personal information from being accessed without authorization. These safeguards are continually and regularly improved and upgraded to best protect our customers and subscribers.

Information Collected by Pure Art Online

Pure Art Online collects information that falls into two types:

1. Usage information - information that we obtain through log files on our server and through cookies. 
2. Personal information - information that you willingly and knowingly provide to us as a customer or subscriber.

From our server logs, Pure Art Online obtains data about how customers and subscribers are using our site. This basic data includes information like times and dates of visits, viewed pages, and the amount of time that people stay on our site. Cookies give us an anonymous identifier. You will read more about cookies in the next section.

About Cookies and How Cookies Work

Whenever you visit a website, including Pure Art Online, a cookie is transferred to your computer. A cookie is an exclusive and anonymous personal identifier that is made up of a string of text. This text string does not gather personal information from your computer in any way, and it does not spread any type of computer virus. The cookie has a purpose of communicating to a server that you have returned to a specific website. Cookies are not only beneficial for Pure Art Online, but also for customers and subscribers because they save the end user (you) time by recognizing your computer and by accessing information that you have already entered on the website. The information that you have already entered is then entered into your browser’s memory, which makes it simple and easy to personalize your future website visits. If you have not entered any information, then the server will only recognize that someone with the same cookie has once again visited the site. You have the option to disable cookies, but in doing so, you may reduce the functionality of websites that you frequent, including Pure Art Online.

How Pure Art Online Uses Information That is Collected by Cookies and Server Logs

A cookie can identify an individual but a cookie does not gather personal information. Cookies are utilized in recognizing visitors and customers on Pure Art Online and they can assist in the maintaining personal security. When cookies are enabled, login information can be stored for a long time period, which means that customers and subscribers do not have to log in each time they visit the site. A server log consists of files that can enable us to better understand the needs of visitors and customers to Pure Art Online. Server log files provide us with a way to track the preferences and interests of our customers and visitors so that we can work to improve our product and our overall website.

Communications by Telephone, Email, and Regular Mail

Email addresses that are provided via telephone, regular mail, or email correspondence may be preserved along with any response that we send to you. All personal addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers are safeguarded and protected in the way that we treat your other information of a personal nature.

How Pure Art Online Uses Information that is Supplied

Information that is collected on PureArtOnline.Com gives us a keener insight into the wants and needs of our customers and subscribers, and it also assists us in improving our products and services. Information that is supplied by our customers and subscribers is used for various lawful purposes. These purposes include but are not limited to promotion, marketing, administration of business activities, improving our websites, monitoring how our websites are used, and product requests.

Legal Disclosure of Personal Information

Should there be a violation of our legal rights or a violation of our Terms of Service, personal information will be disclosed to law enforcement officials or other legal authorities. This secures the safety of Pure Art Online’s visitors, customers and subscribers, as well as our own legal and safety rights. Whether and when we disclose personal information to legal authorities, it is for the purpose of identifying, contacting, and bringing legal actions against individuals or others who have violated our Terms of Service, and it is within our sole discretion to disclose such information.

Pure Art Online Website Links and Partners 

Leaving our website via a partner’s link or posted link nullifies and voids our privacy policy and Terms of Service. Information and links to Pure Art Online may be posted on other sites in regards to the products that we offer and how to use products that we sell. When visiting sites where you see our website links appear or where information regarding our website is posted, please refer to the host site’s Terms of Service and privacy policy, as they govern the host’s website. Before proceeding on these partner websites, please consult their privacy policy, rules, and terms.

Pure Art Online and Provided Consent

Visiting and using our website constitutes giving your provided consent for the collection of data as described in this privacy policy and for the use of your information as outlined in the privacy policy. Moreover, when visiting the outside links that you might find on our website, or when clicking on links that provide information on our website and other websites, you accept total responsibility for electing to use the information that is found there. Pure Art Online also retains the right to amend/alter/change this disclaimer or privacy policy at any time, with or without prior notice or consent.

Pure Art Online Company Acquisition

Your personal and other information will be transferred should a substantial part of the company assets or this website be acquired or purchased by another party or if there should be a change in partnership or ownership.

Privacy Policy Modification

As we deem necessary or see fit, we reserve the right to change this privacy policy. Please check back often for updates to this privacy policy, but keep in mind that any personal information that you submit will be subject to the terms of the privacy policy at the time the information was submitted. We will not use your personal information under any new policy or updated policy without asking you first.

Contacting Us about Changing, Updating, or Omitting Information 

We care about your privacy. As mentioned above, we will not ever sell, lease, or share your personal information. You can also request that we change, update, or omit any personal information that we have in our databases with valid proof of identity.

Use of Third Party Web Beacons

Pure Art Online makes use of Yahoo! third party web beacons. These web beacons are used to evaluate where visitors come from when they visit our website, and what they do while they are on our website. In addition, Yahoo! may also utilize anonymous information about visits to this website for the purpose of improving its services and products and for providing more personalized advertisements regarding services and good that might be of interest to you. To learn more about your choices regarding this practice, please contact us.